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International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is a nonpolitical international technical organization founded in 1950, now with 107 countries as its members. It aims at promoting academic research, technical cooperation, information exchange, and talents development among nations so as to upgrade irrigation and drainage techniques for all.
In this country in 1969, Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction (JCRR) and Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) jointly sponsored application for admission to ICID, with concerned agencies and bodies organized into our national commission. Then in October 1995, it was registered and approved by MOEA as Chinese Taipei Committee (CTCID).
CTCID currently has 38 group members.


  • Promote academic research in irrigation and drainage both at home and abroad;
  • Develop opportunities for technical cooperation with related organizations both at home and abroad;
  • Achieve technical information exchange in irrigation and drainage both at home and abroad;
  • Assist in promoting irrigation and drainage policies in he country;
  • Plan educational and training programs for irrigation and drainage for the country;
  • Upgrade irrigation and drainage techniques for the country.



  Coordinate communications and cooperation with ICID Central office
  Take part in ICID meeting and related international conferences

 Research and Development:

  Conduct R&D for irrigation and drainage
  Develop international cooperation project for irrigation and drainage

 Education and Training:

  Sponsor education and training programs for irrigation and drainage
  Hold seminars for training in irrigation and drainage techniques,    

      agriculturaldevelopment, and ecological concerns.

Information Exchange:

  Collect references and research publications on irrigation and drainage and carry out such
      exchange both at home and abroad.
  Publish information on irrigation and drainage and annual reports.

Promote government policies

  Assist government in pushing national development in water conservancy and agricultural
  Take active part in irrigation and drainage projects, as well as environmental and
     ecological protection programs.


  Overall objective:raise efficiency and efficacy in water use and rationalize management
      and system for water use
  Five major strategies:Efficient management;Incentive preferential treatment;updating
     laws and regulations;Rationalized water pricing;and Education and campaign.
  • Conduct education and training for irrigation and drainage related techniques and endeavor to develop the best talents for this country.